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Background Checks

Background Checks

As a part of Brookside Soccer Club’s volunteer process, ALL Youth Recreational League coaches and assistant coaches must successfully complete a background check EVERY CALENDAR YEAR. The background check must be approved to being assigned as a head coach/assistant coach. 

Parents who routinely help out at practices in the presence of an approved head coach or assistant do not need to complete the background process. However, if both the head coach and assistant coach are absent for a team practice, the parent running the practice must complete the background check and be approved prior to said practice.

In order to make this process quick and easy, coaches provide information electronically which is transmitted instantly, safely and securely to our background check vendor. This enhanced process can remove days of waiting from the overall process. Please remember to do the following:

1. Complete all fields.
2. Use your legal name and information and add any maiden or previous names to the additional names section.
3. Review your answers for accuracy and spelling.
4. If you have any questions or special circumstances you should contact Nick Garcia (913.787.1536) before submitting the request.

All coaches are required to complete the screening process and obtain approval from Brookside Soccer Club. Coaches are no longer required to carry with them the identification cards issued in the past. Instead, our field monitor or other BSC employee will check your name against a list of coaches who have been approved to coach. A coach will be checked by looking at the ID one normally carries with him/her, i.e. a driver’s license. 

Strikes will be issued based on the number of times a coach does not show proof of their identity:

Strike One: Verbal warning to complete background check immediately.
Strike Two: Coach will be asked to leave the field of play and will be unable to coach until he/she completes the background process or shows proof of identification.
Strike Three: Coach is banned from coaching a team or participating in ANY BSC event for one year. 

*Please click on the following link to complete this request: Background Check