Recreational Coaching

Background Checks

As a part of Brookside Soccer Club’s volunteer process, ALL Recreational League coaches and assistant coaches must successfully complete a background check EVERY CALENDAR YEAR. Therefore, all coaches (new or returning/head coaches and assistants) for the 2016 Spring Recreational League season must complete the background check and be approved prior to practicing or coaching a team.

Parents who routinely help out at practices in the presence of an approved head coach or asstant do not need to complete the background process. However, if both the head coach and assistant coach are absent for a team practice, the parent running the practice must complete the background check and be approved prior to said practice.

In order to make this process quick and easy, coaches provide information electronically which is transmitted instantly, safely and securely to our background check vendor. This enhanced process can remove days of waiting from the overall process. Please remember to do the following:

1. Complete all fields.
2. Use your legal name and information and add any maiden or previous names to the additional names section.
3. Review your answers for accuracy and spelling.
4. If you have any questions or special circumstances you should contact Nick Garcia (913.787.1536) before submitting the request.

All coaches are required to complete the screening process and obtain approval from Brookside Soccer Club. Coaches are no longer required to carry with them the identification cards issued in the past. Instead, our field monitor or other BSC employee will check your name against a list of coaches who have been approved to coach. A coach will be checked by looking at the ID one normally carries with him/her, i.e. a driver’s license. 

Strikes will be issued based on the number of times a coach does not show proof of their identity:

Strike One: Verbal warning to complete background check immediately.
Strike Two: Coach will be asked to leave the field of play and will be unable to coach until he/she completes the background process or shows proof of identification.
Strike Three: Coach is banned from coaching a team or participating in ANY BSC event for one year. 

*Please click on the following link to complete this request: Background Check

Coaching Sessions

Team Registration Feature

A new feature allows coaches to give a special registration code to a player of their choice (or your entire current team) which places a player directly on your 2016 Fall team. This expedites the registration process for everyone and ensures players are placed on the team they want.

If you wish to use this feature, YOU must register as a coach ASAP in order to activate the code for your team.

Go into your Blue Sombrero account and click on Volunteers on the left. Select Find Volunteer Roles on the top right of the screen. The next screen will populate with options of available divisions, or you may click Show More. Complete that process and you will create a team in the division you request and will then be able to send an email to any player you choose with your special team code and a link to registration.

One of the default features in the team registration is a maximum number of players allowed for that specific division. See that information below.

We will continue to accommodate individual registrants as “free agents”. If your roster maximum has been met, all players registering after that point will be considered a “free agent” and placed on other teams to ensure balanced rosters.

Blue Sombrero team registration 2

Blue Sombrero team registration

Slide Tackling Rules

No slide tackling U12 and under
Proper slide tackling in U14
No slide tackling in U19

Player Header Rule

Because of concerns for the safety of younger players, beyond the limitations of the laws of the game, Brookside Soccer Club’s Youth Recreational Soccer League does not allow players in Grade 4 and younger to head the ball during practices or games. Players in Grade 5 and older are allowed to head the ball.

Heading the ball is defined as a player using or attempting to use his/her own head to play the ball. Should a referee, assistant referee, or a coach see a player head the ball, they will inform the player they may not head the ball and play continues on. There is no stoppage of play or restart awarded. This does not apply to a player being struck in the head by a ball he/she didn’t intend to play in that manner.

While referees might stop play in this circumstance to evaluate potential injury, should the player show any of the signs referees watch for that might indicate a serious injury, per the laws of the game that restart would be a dropped ball.

Referees and coaches must understand that heading the ball is NOT a violation of the laws of the game, so no criteria associated with fouls or infractions of the laws, should be applied to this violation of league safety requirements except those mentioned above.

Coaches must instruct players not to head the ball and referees must use common sense. Likewise, players who are guilty of heading the ball should never be issued a caution or sending off. The referee should rather focus on helping the players understand the rule and explain that the league does not allow heading.

Practice Schedule

Recreational coaches may sign up for practice spots at Swope Soccer Village prior to each recreational season by contacting Sadie Johnson at

Teams in grades 1st through HS generally practice between the hours of 5 pm & 9 pm most nights Monday through Thursday (depending on availability). There are no Friday through Sunday practices.

Each coach is assigned one 1-hour time slot in a specific field space to be used through that season’s league.

Teams in grades 1st through 3rd are generally allotted 1/8 regulation field space, grades 4th through 7th/8th grades are allotted 1/4 regulation field space and HS teams are allotted 1/2 field space (7 pm and later). If a HS team wishes to practice earlier than 7 pm, that team may use 1/4 of a field. 

Practice space requests are being accepted now and will be assigned according to when they are received. However, those coaches who attend the March 5 coaches meeting at UMKC will be assigned above those coaches who do not. PRACTICES AT SWOPE SOCCER VILLAGE MAY BEGIN THE WEEK OF MARCH 7. The final week for practices is the week of May 30.

Rules for practicing at Swope:
• Please make of note of your practice time/day and field assignment before arriving at Swope.
• You may ONLY practice in your assigned space during your assigned time. Moving into open field space is not allowed. It may cause issues for a coach who may plan arriving to that space late.
• If your practice ends at 6:30 pm, move your players off the field at 6:30 pm.
• Each field is separated into quadrants, and each field had a sign with either an “N” or “S” (indicating North or South). The west side of each field is the one closest to Lewis Road.
• Small goals for younger teams are available at the southernmost area of Field 1. Those or any goal a team uses during practice MUST be placed in their original spot along the fences at the end of your practice (unless the next team has asked for them to be left). That coach/team will then be responsible for returning goals to their proper space.
• If for any reason a team does not plan to practice during their allotted time/day, you MUST notify Sadie Johnson of the change at
• Keep ALL children OFF THE GOALS/NETS and fences.

Sideline Rules

• Volunteer coaches who are on the sidelines or actively participate in practices are required to complete a background check. Please see details on the left.

• There is a 2-coach-per-sideline rule. ONLY the allocated head coach and one assistant coach should be on the sidelines during games. Also, siblings and anyone other than coaches/players should be in the sideline/spectator area.  Please remind your parents of this rule and the reasons for implementing it:

  1. Referees can better understand which coach to interact with.
  2. Lessens crowding of the sidelines.
  3. It’s most beneficial to players to have fewer voices to focus on on the sidelines.
  4. Helps BSC better monitor approved coaches.

Inclement Weather

Brookside Soccer Club’s recreational league games (as well as practices for our rec league and competitive division) will proceed as long as no lightening is within 10 miles. Sporting KC monitors the weather from their facility and alerts us to what’s happening in the area. We make a determination based on their sophisticated system as well as guidance from the athletic trainers on-site from the Center for Sports Medicine at Children’s Mercy. 

You may check our website’s homepage or our rain-out line for updates. That number is 816.565.4256.

Uniform Order Form

BSC rec uniform order form

Goal Kick Rule

REMINDER: The Goal Kick Rule that went into effect in Fall 2014 is still valid for 3rd/4th grades (U10) and 5th/6th grades (U12): Opposing players must back up to the half-way line and can cross it as soon as the ball exits the penalty area.
Please remind players of this rule before and during the game. If you have questions, contact

Recreational Playing Format

Please note that in order to more closely align Brookside Soccer Club with the United States Soccer Federation guidelines and to allow each player more time on the ball, some playing formats were adjusted within the last year. In order to ensure all divisions follow BSC’s core values, division coordinators will create balanced and fair teams. As per the club’s mission and within the registration system, 1st – 8th grade are single-sex divisions and PreK, K and High School division are coed. There are no exceptions to this rule.

PreK & K (U6)
Game Format: 25 minute practice+30 minute game
Game Length: 55 minutes
Field Size: 20×30
Ball Size: 3
Number of Players: 3v3
Goalkeeper: No
Max. Roster Size: 6

1st & Second Grades (U8)
Game Format: 4×10 minute quarters (2 minute breaks)
Game Length: 50 minutes
Field Size: 25×40
Ball Size: 3
Number of Players: 4v4
Goalkeeper: No
Max. Roster Size: 8

3rd & 4th Grades (U10)
Game Format: 2×25 minute halves
Game Length: 50 minutes
Field Size: 40×75
Ball Size: 4
Number of Players: 6v6
Goalkeeper: Yes
Max. Roster Size: 12

5th & 6th Grades (U12)
Game Format: 2×30 minute halves
Game Length: 60 minutes
Field Size: 40×75
Ball Size: 4
Number of Players: 8v8
Goalkeeper: Yes
Max. Roster Size: 16

7th & 8th Grades (U14)
Game Format: 2×35 minute halves
Game Length: 70 minutes
Field Size: 75×120
Ball Size: 5
Number of Players: 11v11
Goalkeeper: Yes
Max. Roster Size: 18

High School (U19)
Game Format: 2×35 minute halves
Game Length: 70 minutes
Field Size: 40×75
Ball Size: 5
Number of Players: 8v8
Goalkeeper: Yes
Min. Roster Size: 12
Max. Roster Size: 16

Coed Adult League (19+)
Game Format: 2×25 minute halves, no offsides
Game Length: 50 minutes
Field Size: 40×75
Ball Size: 5
Number of Players: 8v8
Goalkeeper: Yes
Max. Roster Size: 12

Rules At Swope Soccer Village

In addition to asking your parents to read and accept the Parents Code of Conduct that Brookside Soccer has created, please review the following checklist:

Checklist for coaches, parents & players:

  • Temperatures — please plan accordingly by wearing appropriate attire; layers in cooler weather are suggested. Coaches: Water breaks are necessary in  both warm and cooler conditions.
  • Sunscreen, water and an umbrella are highly recommended in all conditions.
  • Please pick up any trash after the game — we want to respect our space and keep the new facility looking new.
  • Uniforms — Some teams have not received uniforms. We are doing everything we can to resolve this issue. Coaches will receive any updates regarding uniforms; please be patient will all of us. All teams in 1st Grade and older will receive new uniforms (jersey, socks, shorts). Most teams have had at least one practice; if your team has not practiced, players still should arrive for their scheduled game. Pre-K and Kindergarten division players receive a jersey and size 3 soccer ball. ONLY coaches may retrieve equipment at Swope.
  • Players MUST wear shin guards under their socks in order to play. Soccer cleats are recommended, but not mandatory.
  • Rainouts — Information will be posted at when games are cancelled. Also call our rainout line at 816.565.4256 and check our Facebook/Twitter pages for updates. Unlike previous seasons, teams will play in rain and when the field is wet. Play will be halted when lightening is within close proximity to Swope Park. Rainout games will not be rescheduled.
  • Schedules — Most schedules have been updated since they were originally posted to alleviate some scheduling conflicts. Please double check the schedule. Coaches — please send a reminder message to players with the Time, Date and Field assignment prior to that weekend’s games. Click here for SCHEDULES
  • Game Start Times — Games will begin on time; please arrive early in order to warm up. 
  • Time Management — Please allow extra time to get to your scheduled field (especially these first few weeks) while everyone adjusts to the parking situation, field locations and congestion. 
  • Concessions will be open at the two concession areas (one adjacent to Field 1 and the second on the west of Lewis Road near the Sporting KC training offices). There are also two drink vending machines. 
  • First Aid is located in two areas: Children’s Mercy Center for Sports Medicine staff will be on site during league play at the white tent at the northeast end of Field 2. Staff can be seen driving around the village in Brookside Soccer’s golf cart.
  • Goal Posts & Nets. Please keep players and other children from climbing or otherwise playing on the goals, as this is very expensive equipment.
  • Visit for FAQs, a map of Swope and other important information on the upcoming season.
  • Lost & Found — A lost & found bin will be located at the white tent at the north end of Field 2. Please turn in any lost/unclaimed items to BSC’s Field Monitor Chris Morris. For retrieval on days after items are lost, please send an email to
  • NO FOOD ON FIELDS — No exceptions. Snacks are to be served on the concrete or natural grass areas surrounding the fields. Picnic tables are set up outside the concession stand for your convenience. 
  • No PETS inside the Swope Soccer Park facility gates (unless they are registered service animals. Please leave pets at home (not locked inside parked cars). 
  • No Alcohol is allowed in KCMO city parks. Anyone caught with alcohol will be asked to leave the premises and is subject to fines.
  • Orange Cones in Parking Lots. If an orange cone is blocking a parking spot in one of the parking lots at Swope Soccer Village, it is there for a reason. Please find another place to park and do not remove the cone in order to park. Your car will be towed.
  • WATCH OUT! Soccer balls move much faster on the turf fields, so be alert at all times.