Competitive FAQs

Competitive FAQs

Is My Child & Family Ready For Competitive Soccer?

Before committing to a competitive soccer team, you should evaluate several things about your child and your lifestyle:
• Am I, the parent, willing to make the financial commitment of the club fees for a seasonal year?
• Am I, the parent, willing to make the commitment of getting my child to two practices per week 5-10 minutes prior to practice during the season? BSC competitive teams typically practice mid-July through May. Winter season will typically be only one practice per week with off-weeks depending on which winter league a team participates.
• Am I, the parent, willing to make the commitment of getting my child to games 20-30 minutes before scheduled games on the weekend?
• Does my child have time in their schedule? Can he/she balance school, homework, school sports and/or other extracurricular activities to commit to a competitive team?
• Does my child want to play soccer competitively?
• Is my child ready for the higher speed and physical play of competitive soccer?

If you answered Yes to the above, then Brookside Soccer Club competitive is right for you!

Who Should Tryout?

BSC competitive teams welcome any recreational or competitive soccer player in the Kansas City metropolitan area who wants to play at some of the highest levels in youth soccer.  BSC wants players with the dedication and desire to train and develop their skills.

What Is The Annual Cost?

The annual cost for each player for 2016-2017 is $1,299 or approximately $130/month and covers the player from July 2016 through May 2017.

Payment plans are available for full payment, monthly or quarterly.  Credit cards and checks are accepted for payment.  

BSC is a non-profit organization and fees are to cover team and player costs. The BSC fees are inclusive versus an initial club fee and incremental for each activity of team.  

Player annual costs include all of the following:

•Missouri Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) player registration.
• Player insurance through MYSA.
• Professional coaching.
Skills academy in fall and spring.  Six to seven weeks of SAQ (strength, agility and quickness) training included in fees for BSC competitive players.  Sessions will be held during the week on alternate days to provide player options on attendance.
Goalie-specific training with professional coach.
• Player evaluation feedback using ZoomReports at least one in fall and spring for player to identify strengths and opportunities for skill development.
Practice field for fall and spring at the state of the art turf fields at Swope Soccer Village.  Practice is held twice per week in fall and spring.
Fall league with Heartland Soccer Association, one of the largest leagues in the USA.  Teams are divisionally divided to offer competitive play and opportunity for development.
• Spring league with Heartland Soccer Association, one of the largest leagues in the USA.  Teams are divisionally divided to offer competitive play and opportunity for development.
• Practice space indoors for the winter season.  Practice is held about once per week in winter.
Winter league of either indoor soccer, futsal or outdoor soccer.
Two in-town tournaments for team. Most teams schedule one in the fall and one in the spring. U8 level players will have one tournament scheduled in the spring. 

A team does have the option to vote to attend additional tournaments (either in town or our of town) if desired by coach/players. If a team chooses an additional tournament, these incremental costs would be divided among the team players. Out-of-town tournament costs would include tournament fee and coach travel costs. Family and player travel expenses would be handled individually. 

A uniform kit is required for BSC competitive players.  The uniform kit is renewed in odd numbered years and good for two seasons, therefore this season (2016-2017) will be a new kit. 

The uniform kit is $190 for 2016-2017 and includes the following:

• Home game jersey
• Away game jersey
• Two pair of black game shorts
• Two pair of black game socks
Two practice jerseys 

 The club also offers optional items such as:

• Club warm up jacket and pants
• Club bag
Club spirit wear

A team may also choose to purchase an optional monochromatic black long-sleeved game jersey. Some teams have expressed an interest in this additional option and is available for purchase if a team votes to include.

The club continues to explore sponsorship and fundraising opportunities to offset player costs and grow scholarship funds.  The following sponsors support BSC  — Center for Sports Medicine at Children’s Mercy Hospital, Minsky’s Pizza, The Roasterie and Somerset Family Dentistry. 

How Does BSC Form Teams?

Brookside Soccer Club implemented a tiered-team model beginning in the 2015-2016 season. The Club’s objective is to place players in the best situation to be successful, as well as challenging them along the way. We want players to build a strong foundation and cohesiveness as they progress through age groups. 

While we intend to form winning teams, BSC’s greater commitment is in the development and training of our players. BSC’s stance is for players to be assigned to teams based on their actual age group. Physiological changes do occur rapidly in certain age groups and we want our players to develop properly, both physically and mentally. 

BSC works with the Heartland Soccer Association to position our teams in a challenging division. The goal is not “winning”, per se, but the development of our players. A team who dominates every team in their division is not properly challenged in game situations and skills. 

Team Process
• Coaches are tiered assigned by age/gender, i.e. Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, etc.
The Tier 1 coach receives the first pick of players during tryouts to fill out the best team possible for their age group and assigned division. Players are selected on their skill level, their potential and with the team’s synergy in mind. The Tier 2 coaches will then complete their teams, and so on. All coaches within each age group are involved in this process.
• C
oaches may provide some opportunities throughout the season for players to guest play on higher-tiered teams as these players show faster development.

BSC also provides each player with feedback evaluations at least once in fall and once in spring using ZoomReports. This evaluation process provides players with unique insight into their strengths as well as helps to identify opportunities for skill improvement.

Where Will Games Be Played?

Fall and spring season games played under the umbrella of the Heartland Soccer Association at their fields in Kansas City, Mo., Overland Park, Olathe and Lee’s Summit. Games are mainly scheduled at Swope Soccer Village, Scheels Overland Park Soccer Complex, Heritage Soccer Park and Legacy Park.

Winter game locations will depend on the league selected by coach, with most being in the Overland Park area.

Where Will We Practice?

Fall and spring practice is at Swope Soccer Village. The coaches arrange for practice times with the BSC scheduler. Competitive teams practice two days per week in addition to their weekly games.

Winter practice moves indoors at gym space arranged by the team manager.  Most competitive teams practice only one day per week in the winter, with off-weeks for holidays. Game schedules will depend on the league and session the team chooses for indoor or outdoor soccer or futsal.   

How Do I Register For Competitive Tryouts?

Registration for BSC competitive tryouts is done via BSC’s Blue Sombrero registration system. A family account must be set up and then any participant that wants to tryout must be added to the account. The registration contains basic information such as family contacts and player details.

The same family account can be used for all BSC programs — competitive, recreational and camps/clinics. If you don’t currently have a family account, go to Log In/Register at the top right of our website.

See “How Do I Access BSC Family Account” in FAQs for more information.

The Register Now button should be used to select BSC programs for registration.

Register copy

For competitive team tryouts, select the program 2016-2017 BSC Competitive Team Tryouts.

What Are Player Age Divisions?

The US Soccer Federation has mandated a change in the age divisions within youth soccer across the United States. BSC is embracing these changes and they will be implemented by the Heartland Soccer Association (the league in which our competitive teams play) beginning the fall season of 2016.

The age divisions are now based on calendar year versus school year. A player cannot be older than the last day of the birth year for the listed age division. For example, a U10 player must be born on or after January 1, 2007.

The other mandates from US Soccer include small-sided games and concussion initiatives to eliminate heading in lower age divisions.

Birth Year matrix with Team format

If you would like more information on age division and concussion initiative being implemented by youth soccer in the US, there is an interview with World Class Coaching’s Tom Mura who interviews Heartland Soccer’s Shane Hackett, Brookside Soccer’s Nick Garcia, Kansas Youth Soccer’s Chris Duke and Sporting KC Academy’s Jon Parry.

Listen to Interview

What Are Team Roster Sizes?

Team roster sizes are determined by the age division of the team. BSC competitive teams participate in the Heartland Soccer Association (HSA) league in the fall and spring and follow mandated roster limits for the number of players who may dress for games. 

BSC roster is the optimum for a team to provide for developement of our players.

What Are Team Roster Sizes

What Is A Team Manager?

A team manager is a volunteer role of a player’s parent. They assist the coach with communication to the team’s parents; registration and tournament check-in; game-day processes, such as completing roster cards; and making winter league and practice arrangements. The manager also handles the team’s bank account, paying any fees on behalf of the team and making deposits of any checks.

BSC offers a player discount of $200 to the children of team managers. The manager discount is applied directly to the family’s account (half in July 2015 and half in April 2016).

Are There Needs-Base Scholarships?

BSC offers needs-based scholarships. The Club strives to expand scholarship opportunities through sponsorships and fundraisers. The application process is confidential and is evaluated and awarded by BSC’s Executive Director based on available scholarship funds and applicants.

Parents should apply for scholarships on the BSC website at Competitive/Scholarship Application prior to competitive tryouts.

Can My Child Play In Both the Recreational and Competitive Leagues?

We realize players who make competitive teams still have friends who play recreational and would like to continue to play with them. Players will be allowed to play on both a competitive and recreational team.  In the event of any game or practice conflicts, the competitive team should take precedence.

What is the Skills Academy program

The Skills Academy is an 8-week program designed and implemented to give players in 1st through 8th Grades a boost in their training regimen through ball skill repetition. The Academy is designed to encourage and boost players’ confidence on the ball by promoting a positive and structured environment to foster creative freedom and guided discovery while learning to master the ball.

The program will be led by BSC’s Youth Development Director Jason Lee on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the 2015 Spring Recreational League season. The objective of the academy is to create a link and opportunity for recreational players to practice at a competitive level with participants from their respective age groups with a similar goal. Players will not only learn ball mastery but will learn what it is like to train on a more regular basis prior to potentially making the commitment and transition to a competitive team!

Where: Swope Soccer Village
When:  Tuesday and Wednesday evenings

Tuesdays (April 7, 14, 21, 28 and May 5, 12, 19, 26)
5-6 pm  1st/2nd & 3rd/4th grade players
6-7 pm  5th/6th & 7th/8th grade players

Wednesdays (April 8, 15, 22, 29 and May 6, 13, 20, 27)
5-6 pm  1st/2nd & 3rd/4th grade players
6:30-7:30 pm  5th/6th & 7th/8th grade players

Cost: $150

* Players are encouraged to make both sessions during the week (16 total sessions).
* Players will receive a special Skills Academy practice shirt (at the first session) and an individual player evaluation (upon completion of the 8-week academy).
* Space is limited. Clinic numbers will be small to allow more one-on-one training.

Click HERE to register.

How Do I Access BSC Family Account?

Select the documents below for instructions to access your BSC family account and to update your contact information. A family account is necessary to register for any of the programs offered by Brookside Soccer Club (BSC). This includes our recreational league, competitive tryouts, high school and adult leagues and many clinics and camps for soccer development.
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If you have specific questions not included above, please contact our Competitive Director, Chrystal Johnson at