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Frequently Asked Questions — Recreational

Recreational Frequently Asked Questions

How do we register?

• Click on  REGISTER under the Recreational tab.

• The next page brings you into the Blue Sombrero system.

• On this page – if you have joined us in our programs in the past – you will log in here to gain access into your family’s account. If you have forgotten your user name or password, click on “Forgot user name or password?” and this information can be sent to the email we have on file. If you are new to Brookside Soccer Club you will need to create a new account.

• Once into your Blue Sombrero account, please make sure all family/player information is correct, especially for those new to Brookside Soccer Club. Be sure you input your player(s) birthdate correctly, as that is the key component that prompts Blue Sombrero to “offer” the available programs appropriate for your child’s age.

• You can click on REGISTER NOW under your player’s name to begin selecting which program(s) you want for each players. The programs you select will go into your shopping cart for checkout.

• Finally you will come to the SHOPPING CART page, where you select how you would like to pay: credit card or check (cash and money order if you register in person). Be sure you complete the checkout process to finalize your registration.

• If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: info@brooksidesoccer.org

What do I get for our fees?

The registration fee provides each child with a fun, safe and fair soccer experience. As part of that experience, each player receives a uniform they will keep, and they will play an 8-game season (6-game season for the Pre-K/Kindergarten division). Pre-K/K players also receive a soccer ball as part of their registration fee.

● Early-bird fee: Regular registration fee minus $10

● Regular fee:  registration fee

● Late fee: $20 will be added to the Regular Fee if registration is made after registration deadline.

All registration fees includes player insurance and uniforms, background checks for coaches, referee pay, field prep and marketing. Since the formation or our recreational league, we have only had volunteer coaches, providing a great benefit for our organization! We also have a safety program required for ALL coaches (head coaches and assistants). All BSC coaches must successfully complete a background check to participate in ANY BSC activity.

What types of payment are accepted?

Visa and MasterCard are accepted through online registration. Cash, money order and personal check are only accepted when you register in person. 

What if I forgot to register my child by the cut-off date?

We close registration so coordinators can finalize team rosters and distribute to coaches one week later. We close the registration system two weeks before the season begins. We do not accept registrations after the official closing date unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Who do I contact if I have problems registering?

If you have problems registering, please email us at info@brooksidesoccer.org.

Is my information safe?

YES. All credit card transactions are encrypted and stored on secure servers. BSC does not share, sell or lease your personal information. We may send you communications about your registration and league events. 

What age group should my child be in?

Divisions are determined by the grade level of your child during the session they will play. For example, if your daughter will be in second grade in the upcoming fall session, choose “2nd Grade Girls” when you register.

What happened to the age-based divisions (U6,U7,U8 etc.)?

Soccer leagues generally refer to divisions by age and list the “Under X” division name as well as a reference. Age-based divisions generally follow grade level because the birthday cut-off date is similar those used by most schools. We show the grade(s) generally corresponding to each Under (“U”) division in the table below.

Division > Grade
U19 > High School
U14 > 8th
U13 > 7th
U12 > 6th
U11 > 5th
U10 > 4th
U9 > 3rd
U8 > 2nd
U7 > 1st
U6 > K
U5 > Pre-K

Age-based divisions work well for keeping teams even, but cause problems when kids can’t play with classmates. Switching to grade level classifications should also eliminate some confusion which tends to cause last-minute shuffling of players. The grade level classifications help simplify the team-building process for our division coordinators.

Do I pick a team to join? What if we don’t know other coaches or kids playing?

You do not need to pick a team or know a coach. If you like, when you register you may indicate your child’s school, a preferred coach or a classmate your child would like to join on a team, and we’ll make an effort to place him or her on a team with classmates. 

Does my child need previous soccer knowledge?

No. BSC focuses on teaching soccer in a fun and safe environment. We make every effort teams are balanced with kids of all skill and athletic ability. It’s also part of our requirements that every child receives equal playing time – it’s the best way to learn! 

General FAQs

What are the dates for the season?

Check the Calendar/Schedules page for specific dates. Game times will be posted there once schedules are solidified. 

Where are games played?

All games are played at Swope Park Soccer Village in KCMO. The fields are shared with Sporting KC’s practice facility at 63rd and Lewis Road. You may see the map HERE.

How do I know if a game is canceled for weather or any other reason?

Call our rain-out line at 816.565.4256 after 6 am on the day of the game and throughout the day if weather seems to be a concern. This information will also be available on our Facebook page and through our Twitter feed or our homepage. In addition, text messages may be sent to families notifying them of cancelations if there is sufficient lead-time. Rescheduling of cancelled games will be determined by the league’s Executive Committee. You may also reach BSC Community Relations Director Sadie Johnson at 816.522.7729 only if necessary. 

When do I get a game schedule?

Game schedules will be given to coaches for distribution and posted on our website on the Calendar/Schedules page. Through the Blue Sombrero system, you can also sign up for game-time reminders prior to each weekend’s games. 

When will I hear from my coach on practice days and times?

Your coach will do their best to schedule a practice on a day/time and at a location that is convenient to the team as a whole. You should hear from your coach at least a week prior to the start of the season. If, for whatever reason, you have not and the season is approaching, please visit our Division Coordinator page HERE and ask for the coach’s contact information.

Equipment Guidelines

Proper use of equipment:

Shin guards are mandatory for all players in all games and practices and must be worn under the player’s socks. Cleats are optional, but are recommended. We strongly encourage all players to bring plenty of water to all games and practices.A player may use equipment other than basic equipment, provided its sole purpose is to protect the player physically and poses no danger to him/her or any other player. A player shall not wear anything that is dangerous to another player or to oneself.

Modern protective gear (including glasses and/or headgear) is acceptable if made of soft, padded material. Hard and unyielding items (guards, casts, braces, splints, etc.) on the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm or shoulder are prohibited.

Players whose vision requires correction must wear shatterproof glasses or lenses. Glasses must be mounted in break resistant frames.

The following items are prohibited during play:

• Baseball cleats/football cleats (shoes with a front spike).

• Jewelry (watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, body piercings).*

• Metal and hard plastic hair fasteners (including, but not limited to, hair pins and/or beads).

• Hard casts of any sort, including those covered with a protective element.

*Using tape to cover jewelry is not acceptable. Items used to depict medical conditions/need are acceptable and must be cleared with referees.

If a player is discovered wearing unauthorized items, the player will be asked to leave the field of play until such items are removed. BSC staff (including referees) may make a determination at any time if they feel items which are not listed pose any level of danger.

BSC Recreational Playing Format

Please note that in order to more closely align Brookside Soccer Club with the United States Soccer Federation guidelines and to allow each player more time on the ball, some playing formats have been adjusted within the past year.

High School (U19)
Game Format: Two 35-minute halves
Game Length: 70 minutes
Field Size: 40×75
Ball Size: 5
Number of Players: 8v8
Goalkeeper: Yes
Min. Roster Size: 12
Max. Roster Size: 16


7th & 8th Grades (U14)
Game Format: Two 35-minute halves
Game Length: 70 minutes
Field Size: 75×120
Ball Size: 5
Number of Players: 11v11
Goalkeeper: Yes
Max Roster Size: 18


5th & 6th Grades (U12)
Game Format: Two 30-minute halves
Game Length: 60 minutes
Field Size: 40×75
Ball Size 4
Number of Players: 8v8
Goalkeeper: Yes
Max Roster Size: 16


3rd & 4th Grades (U10)
Game Format: Two 25-minute halves
Game Length: 50 minutes
Field Size: 40×75
Ball Size: 4
Number of Players: 6v6
Goalkeeper: Yes
Max Roster Size: 12


1st & 2nd Grades (U8)
Game Format: Four 10-minute halves (2 minute breaks)
Game Length: 50 minutes
Field Size: 25×40
Ball Size: 3
Number of Players: 4v4
Goalkeeper: No
Max Roster Size: 8


PreK & K (U6)
Game Format: 25 minutes practice + 30 minutes game
Game Length: 55 minutes
Field Size: 20×30
Ball Size: 3
Number of Players: 3v3
Goalkeeper: No
Max Roster Size: 6
The recommended age for Pre-K/K division is at least 3 years old at the time the league is in session. But the decision is at the parent’s discretion if a child is on the borderline of age 3.

Checklist For Parents/Players

Please take a moment to review all of the information below, as it pertains to EVERYONE involved in our league. 

• Temperatures — please plan accordingly by wearing appropriate attire; layers in cooler weather are suggested. Coaches: Water breaks are necessary in  both warm and cooler conditions.
Sunscreen, water and an umbrella are highly recommended in all conditions.
Please pick up any trash after the game — we want to respect our space and keep the new facility looking new.
Uniforms — Some teams have not received uniforms. Parents should contact coaches regarding uniforms. All teams in 1st Grade and older will receive new uniforms (jersey, socks, shorts). Most teams have had at least one practice; if your team has not practiced, players still should arrive for their scheduled game. Pre-K and Kindergarten division players receive a jersey and size 3 soccer ball.ONLY coaches may retrieve equipment at Swope.
Rainouts — Information will be posted at BrooksideSoccer.org when games are cancelled. Also call our rainout line at 816.565.4256 and check our Facebook/Twitter pages for updates. Unlike previous seasons, teams will play in rain and when the field is wet. Play will be halted when lightening is within close proximity to Swope Park. Rainout games will not be rescheduled.
Schedules — Most schedules have been updated since they were originally posted to alleviate some scheduling conflicts. Please double check the schedule. Coaches — please send a reminder message to players with the Time, Date and Field assignment prior to that weekend’s games. Click here for SCHEDULES.
Game Start Times — Games will begin on time; please arrive early in order to warm up.
Time Management — Please allow extra time to get to your scheduled field (especially these first few weeks) while everyone adjusts to the parking situation, field locations and congestion.
Concessions will be open at the two concession areas (one adjacent to Field 1 and the second on the west of Lewis Road near the Sporting KC training offices). There are also two drink vending machines.
First Aid is located in two areas: Children’s Mercy Center for Sports Medicine staff will be on site during league play at the white tent at the northeast end of Field 2. Staff can be seen driving around the village in Brookside Soccer’s golf cart.
• Goal Posts & Nets. Please keep players and other children from climbing or otherwise playing on the goals, as this is very expensive equipment.
• Visit BrooksideSoccer.org for FAQs, a map of Swope and other important information on the upcoming season.
Lost & Found — A lost & found bin will be located at the white tent at the north end of Field 2. Please turn in any lost/unclaimed items to BSC’s Field Monitor Chris Morris. For retrieval on days after items are lost, please send an email to Sadie@BrooksideSoccer.org
NO FOOD ON FIELDS — No exceptions. Snacks are to be served on the concrete or natural grass areas surrounding the fields. Picnic tables are set up outside the concession stand for your convenience.
No PETS inside the Swope Soccer Park facility gates (unless they are registered service animals. Please leave pets at home (not locked inside parked cars).
No Alcohol is allowed in KCMO city parks. Anyone caught with alcohol will be asked to leave the premises and is subject to fines.
• Orange Cones in Parking Lots. If an orange cone is blocking a parking spot in one of the parking lots at Swope Soccer Village, it is there for a reason. Please find another place to park and do not remove the cone in order to park. Your car will be towed.
• WATCH OUT! Soccer balls move much faster on the turf fields, so be alert at all times.

High School FAQs

All players register via the BSC registration portal. Click on “Log In/Register” in the upper right-hand corner of our website at BrooksideSoccer.org. Each player registers individually and should indicate the coach’s name and/or teammates names.

The Division Coordinator assembles teams based on the name of the coach a player indicates during registration. 

If the intended coach is the parent of a player, that person should sign up as a volunteer to be the head coach or assistant coach during their child’s registration. If the intended coach is not the parent of a BSC player, they should contact our Executive Director, Nick Garcia, at Nick@BrooksideSoccer.org. ALL volunteer coaches with BSC MUST successfully complete a free background check each calendar year and be cleared through our outside vendor before being assigned as a coach. A link is located at BrooksideSoccer.org/Coaching.

Note: An approved adult coach MUST be in attendance at each game. Games will NOT begin without an approved coach present on the sidelines. 

Team schedules are created approximately two weeks prior to the start of the season, and it will be communicated to all the players and coaches at that time. The number of teams varies from season to season, however we typically have bewteen 8 and 14 high school division teams. Teams must have a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 16 players. Details about playing format can be found at BrooksideSoccer.org/Coaching.

Pre-K/Kindergarten FAQs

Our Pre-K/Kindergarten division requires each player to be registered via the BSC registration portal. Click on “Log In/Register” in the upper right-hand corner of our website at BrooksideSoccer.org. Each player registers individually. Players are typically placed according to the following criteria: school the player attends, requested coach, requested teammates.

Play 3 v 3 games (some coaches will play 4 v 4 to keep the kids engaged).

Equipment: New equipment is issued each fall season and includes a reversible jersey and Size 3 soccer ball. Parents will supply shorts, soccer socks and shin guards. Shin guards are required, but cleats are not. Equipment provided each fall by BSC is to be used again for the spring season. If replacement equipment is needed, it can be purchased from us for $15 per ball or $15 per jersey. Coaches will distribute all new equipment; parents may not pick up individual jerseys or balls.

The Pre-K/K division plays a 6-week season and games are always on Saturdays. The scheduled hour includes a 30-minute practice and 30-minute game. There is no scorekeeping or goalie.

Other details:
Max roster size of 6-8
6-week season, see our Recreational Calendar for season dates
Teams are parent- and volunteer-coach based

ALL volunteer coaches MUST successfully complete a free background check each calendar year and be cleared through our outside vendor before being assigned as a coach. A link is located at BrooksideSoccer.org/Coaching.

Playing format can be found at BrooksideSoccer.org/Coaching.

What are division assignments?

In order to ensure all divisions follow BSC’s core values, division coordinators have been asked to create balanced and fair teams. As per the club’s mission and within the registration system, 1st – 8th grade are single sex divisions and Pre-K, K and High School division are coed. There are no exceptions to this rule.

What do we receive for uniforms and how often?

New uniforms are distributed each Fall season. The same uniform is used in the Spring season. Uniforms for players in the 1st Grade divisions and higher include a jersey, shorts and socks. Uniforms for players in the Pre-K and Kindergarten divisions include a reversible jersey and a size-3 soccer ball. Division coordinators will distribute uniforms and/or soccer balls to coaches, who will then provide the equipment to players. Any change in size and/or color for any reason must go through the coaches and division coordinators. Also, it is the responsibility of families to purchase replacement Pre-K/K soccer balls if a player misplaces or loses their ball, unless the ball was defective upon distribution. Most sporting goods stores and department stores carry soccer balls appropriate for your child’s division.

What is the Skills Academy program?

The Skills Academy is an 8-week program designed and implemented to give players in 1st through 8th Grades a boost in their training regimen through ball skill repetition. The Academy is designed to encourage and boost players’ confidence on the ball by promoting a positive and structured environment to foster creative freedom and guided discovery while learning to master the ball.

The program will be led by BSC’s Youth Development Director Jason Lee on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the 2015 Spring Recreational League season. The objective of the academy is to create a link and opportunity for recreational players to practice at a competitive level with participants from their respective age groups with a similar goal. Players will not only learn ball mastery but will learn what it is like to train on a more regular basis prior to potentially making the commitment and transition to a competitive team!

Where: Swope Soccer Village
When:  Tuesday and Wednesday evenings

Tuesdays (April 7, 14, 21, 28 and May 5, 12, 19, 26)
5-6 pm  1st/2nd & 3rd/4th grade players
6-7 pm  5th/6th & 7th/8th grade players

Wednesdays (April 8, 15, 22, 29 and May 6, 13, 20, 27)
5-6 pm  1st/2nd & 3rd/4th grade players
6:30-7:30 pm  5th/6th & 7th/8th grade players

Cost: $150

* Players are encouraged to make both sessions during the week (16 total sessions).
* Players will receive a special Skills Academy practice shirt (at the first session) and an individual player evaluation (upon completion of the 8-week academy).
* Space is limited. Clinic numbers will be small to allow more one-on-one training.

Click HERE to register.