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Scholarship Application (comp)

Competitive Scholarship Guidelines

Scholarships are available for Brookside Soccer Club (BSC) competitive players and are awarded prior to each competitive soccer season which runs from July to May. Scholarship applications are judged on both need- and income-based circumstances..

Competitive scholarship applications should be submitted by June 11; scholarships will be awarded by June 19 for the 2017-2018 competitive soccer season. Scholarships will be awarded based on available scholarship funds and applicants. Scholarship awards are posted directly to a player’s account.

Scholarship award winners are expected to provide volunteer service hours for competitive tryouts in June 2018.

Our online scholarship application requests the parents’ contact information, financial information, player name/birthdate and age division and reason for applying. Once the form is completed, it is then electronically sent to our executive director for review and award. All applicants will be notified of their request status. If approved, the scholarship awarded will be posted as credit to the family’s BSC account. An application should be completed for each player requesting a scholarship.

No personal or financial information is shared outside of Brookside Soccer Club and will not be used for any other purpose than review of that season’s league scholarship request.

BSC’s mission is to provide quality and affordable soccer programing to all players regardless of color, creed, religion or ability. We strive to keep costs for our competitive programming low while providing a quality product.

Please complete the information below. The form will be submit directly to BSC Executive Director Nick Garcia.

Scholarship Application