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Coaches Info – Recreational


for volunteering to coach for our recreational league. Our organization was started in 1977 and was built on the hard work of thousands of volunteers like you! Please review the information on this page and use it as a guideline and reference for coaching in our youth recreational division.


Important Dates

Coaches Requirements

ALL YOUTH RECREATIONAL LEAGUE COACHES AND ASSISTANT COACHES MUST successfully complete eligibility requirements EVERY CALENDAR YEAR as part of Brookside Soccer Club’s volunteer process. These must be done in advance and approved prior to being assigned as a head coach/assistant coach. See below for links and information

Coaches Meetings

BSC Rec Coaches Meetings. There will be at least two coaches pre-season meetings each year for Recreaional League (spring and fall season). At least one coach (the head coach or an assistant) is expected to attend the meeting. Those coaches attending the meeting will have the first opportunity to schedule practice space at Swope Soccer Village.

2020 Spring Season Meeting:  March 2020 tbd

2019 Fall Season Meeting:  SUNDAY AUGUST 25 at Swope Soccer Village – SKC meeting/media room (main building).
PreK/K: 9-10am, 1st & 2nd Grade: 10:15-11am, 3rd-8th Grades: 11:15am-12, High School: 12:30-1pm.

  • ALL meetings will be held in the meeting room on the SKC side of Lewis road.
  • Uniforms will be given out after each meeting to one coach of each team.
  • If a coach is unable to attend, he/she will need to coordinate with Brian McDonald on a date/time to pickup uniforms out at Swope.

Photo Days

Fall 2019 BSC TEAM PHOTO DAYS: Sept 28 and Oct 5 at Swope Soccer Village.

Contact Patricia DeJaynes at DeJaynes Photography to schedule an appointment:   Patricia.DeJaynes@yahoo.com or 785-393-2690. Only coaches may make appointments.

Coaches Tools

Registration Of A Team

Coaches can create their own teams and invite players they know. After a coach registers their team, they’ll have full access to their own team page with the ability to manage their own roster invites.
There, they can view the TEAM CODE.

Team Manager For Coaches & Managers

Brookside Soccer Club’s registration system, Blue Sombrero/Dick’s Sporting Goods, has a free app that allows coaches and parents to stay connected during the season. The GameChanger Team Manager app includes team rosters, schedules and field information that’s automatically updated from Brookside Soccer’s website.

Here are some things you can do with GameChanger Team Manager:

• View game schedules
• RSVP to games, practices and events
• Participate in team discussions
• Sign up for team tasks (i.e, snacks, refreshments, etc.)
• View event directions and weather forecasts
• View team rosters and player profiles
• Share game day photos with your team members

Rain Out Line

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Practices At Swope Soccer Village

Schedule Changes At Swope Soccer Village

BSC will attempt to accomodate schedule requests/conflicts with reasonable notice, but cannot guarantee.
All requested schedule changes must include the team name, division, & reason for the request.

Please send to Pat Houtakker, PRH_59@SBCGlobal.net

The Elite Program

**Teams MUST be fully scheduled in the Elite Program BEFORE the start of the season for eligibility. 

Get your team training on a higher level!
The Elite Program: Promoting growth and transition within the Brookside Soccer Community.
The Elite Program is an 8-week training curriculum designed to unify BSC’s soccer community by making available experienced soccer coaches to the BSC Recreational teams. Experienced coaches will provide a technical and tactical personalized team development program that follows BSC Competitive Soccer Curriculum. Available for Grades 1st – 8th, boys and girls.

Get your team started today! Contact Coordinators:
Coach Tato Chiaparro   tato@brooksidesoccer.org
Coach Eddy Leiva   


Complete uniform kits for recreational teams are distributed at the Recreational Coaches’ Meeting prior to the start of each fall season. Teams will use those uniforms for both the fall season and the following spring season. If coaches do not attend the meeting, uniforms will ONLY be available to pick up at the Brookside Soccer Club storage area at Swope Soccer Village on the morning prior to your first game. Uniforms will not be available at other locations nor during weekdays. Only coaches may pick uniforms for teams; do not send parents to pick up uniforms.

Send uniform order form below to Uniforms@BrooksideSoccer.org. The form should be used for teams needing a different size from what’s in the kit they already received or for players who might join the team for the spring season. We ask that any new unused uniforms be returned to us to help keep those costs down.

If replacement uniforms are needed for any reason for a player who participated in the most recent fall season (i.e. outgrown, lost/stolen, etc.) that player must pay $20 per jersey, $5 for short and $15 for Pre-K/Kindergarten soccer balls.

Order Form

Coach Requirements

Background Checks

COACHES. All coaches are required to complete the background check screening process EACH CALENDAR YEAR and obtain approval from Brookside Soccer Club. All coaches MUST carry proper government issued photo ID to every game so field monitors can verify they are on the coach approval list.

PARENTS. Parents who help at practices in the presence of an approved head coach or assistant do not need to complete a background approval. However, any parent acting as coach at a BSC practice or game, without the head coach or assistant coach present, must complete and receive the background check approval prior to leading a BSC team event.

  1. Complete online form. The background check process is online, transmitted instantly, safely and securely to our background check vendor. The online form only takes a few minutes and you only need your full name, addresses, social security and birth date.
    1. Complete all fields.
    2. Use your legal name and information and add any maiden or previous names to the additional names section.
    3. Review your answers for accuracy and spelling.
    4. If you have any questions or special circumstances you should contact Nick Garcia (913) 787-1536 before submitting the request. 
  1. BSC Coach Approval List. All approved coaches will be placed on the BSC Coach Approval List. 
  1. All coaches are required to carry a government issued photo ID to verify their identity and background check. Strikes will be issued based to any coach not able to show proof of their identity or background check and may disqualify you from coaching with Brookside Soccer Club.

Strike 1: Verbal warning to immediately resolve: either show photo ID or complete background check.  Strike 2: Coach will be asked to leave the field of play and will be unable to coach until he/she completes the background process or shows proof of identification. Strike 3: Coach is banned from coaching a team or participating in ANY BSC event for one year. 

Safe Sport by SAY Soccer

ALL COACHES (RECREATIONAL & COMPETITIVE), STAFF, BOARD MEMBERS are mandated to complete the SafeSport protocol. This is mandated by SAY Soccer and the US Soccer Foundation, our national governing organizations, for all adults required to interact with minors. The course includes training on sexual misconduct awareness, emotional and physical misconduct awareness, and mandatory reporting.

You are required to complete the online SafeSport training prior to August 20.
This online training course will take approximately 60-75 min to complete. Upon completion you will receive a certificate to verify course attendance and completion. This course is at no cost to BSC Coaches, Staff or Board Members. You MUST complete the process, no exceptions! Training will be required every two years.

Upon SafeSport training completion, forward your certificate to Angie Miller with BSC at info@brooksidesoccer.org. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call Angie or Nick.

Thank you for your participation to keep our kids safe.

The BSC Safe Soccer Access Code is YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M             Note, that is the capital letter I (as in Inbox) not the number 1.

Side Lines

The Coaches & Players Only area during Brookside Soccer Club games is for just that — for head and assistant coaches and team members only. All other parents, siblings and excess coaches are to sit on the spectator side of the field.

• Volunteer coaches who are on the sidelines or actively participate in practices are required to complete a background check. Information regarding Background Checks can be found BELOW.

• There is a 2-coach-per-sideline rule. ONLY the allocated head coach and one assistant coach should be on the sidelines during games. Also, siblings and anyone other than background-checked coaches/players should be in the sideline/spectator area.  Please remind your parents of this rule and the reasons for implementing it:

  • Referees can better understand which coach to interact with.
  • Lessens crowding of the sidelines.
  • It’s most beneficial to players to have fewer voices to focus on on the sidelines.
  • Helps BSC better monitor approved coaches.

Rules & Conduct

In addition to asking your parents to read and accept the BSC Parents Code of Conduct that Brookside Soccer has created, please make sure to read ALL of the links to rules below: