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Brookside Soccer Club’s mission is to provide affordable, quality youth soccer programming in Kansas City. Since our inception in 1977, BSC has focused on family oriented, fun opportunities for soccer. As the interest in soccer in our city continues to grow, we have continued to grow with it. Over the past several years, our enrollment has increased to more than 2,000 players annually in the Recreational League and Competitive teams.

We continually strive to control costs for both competitive and recreational players, expand scholarship offerings and provide additional clinics and camps for all players. Our reach expands into the communities near Swope Soccer Village, Northeast and the Westside of the City, as well as into Kansas.

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Sponsorship Opportunities-2017-2018 The Club is currently pursuing sponsorship options and fundraising opportunities for both our recreational league and competitive team programs. If interested in creating a partnership with us, please contact us.

Executive Director: Nick Garcia                   Community Relations Director: Sadie Johnson
Nick@BrooksideSoccer.org                           Sadie@BrooksideSoccer.org

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Brookside Soccer Club


continues to grow with the support of people like you! Players, Parents, Volunteers and Sponsors (Like the ones listed below) are at the heart of BSC’s goal to be Soccer For the City™.  As a 501(c)3, donations and sponsorships support the club’s mission is to provide quality coaching and soccer programs that are affordable for all Kansas City youth. Questions?  Email us at info@brooksidesoccer.org.

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