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Rec Practices



Youth recreational coaches in 1st-High School divisions may sign up for a practice spot for their team at Swope Soccer Village prior to each recreational season.

Teams generally practice between the hours of 5 pm & 10 pm Monday through Thursday (depending on availability). There are no Friday through Sunday practices. Please send your request prior to each youth league season to Sadie Johnson at Sadie@BrooksideSoccer.org by meeting the following guidelines:

  • Each team that receives a space is assigned one 1-hour time slot in a specific field space to be used through that season’s league.
  • You must provide at least 2 time/day options, otherwise your request will be filled after all others.
  • Indicate the age division and gender of your team.
  • Type Practice Space in the subject line of the message.
  • Requests will be compiled and space allotted AFTER that season’s coaches meeting. Coaches will receive an email at that time with field/day assignment.
  • Space is not guaranteed.

Teams in grades 1st through 3rd are generally allotted 1/8 regulation field space, grades 4th through 7th/8th grades are allotted 1/4 regulation field space and HS teams are allotted 1/2 field space (7 pm and later) if available. If a HS team wishes to practice earlier than 7 pm, that team may use 1/4 of a field. 

Rules for practicing at Swope:
• Please make of note of your practice time/day and field assignment before arriving at Swope.
• Practice space is ONLY available during the youth league season. No practices are available during bye weeks.
• You may ONLY practice in your assigned space during your assigned time. Moving into open field space is not allowed. It may cause issues for a coach who may plan arriving to that space late.
• If your practice ends at 6:30 pm, move your players off the field at 6:30 pm.
• Each field is separated into quadrants, and each field had a sign with either an “N” or “S” (indicating North or South). The west side of each field is the one closest to Lewis Road.
• Small goals for younger teams are available at the southernmost area of Field 1. Those or any goal a team uses during practice MUST be placed in their original spot along the fences at the end of your practice (unless the next team has asked for them to be left). That coach/team will then be responsible for returning goals to their proper space.
• If for any reason a team does not plan to practice during their allotted time/day, you MUST notify Sadie Johnson of the change at Sadie@BrooksideSoccer.org.
• Keep ALL children OFF THE GOALS/NETS and fences.

Other valuable information is available on our Coaching Page.