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Team Registration

A new feature allows coaches to give a special registration code to a player of their choice (or your entire current team) which places a player directly on your team, but not until you have registered as a coach. This expedites the registration process for everyone and ensures players are placed on the team they want.

If you wish to use this feature, YOU must register as a coach in order to activate the code for your team. Once you’ve created/logged in to your account, click on Volunteer on the left. Choose the volunteer role or click on Find Volunteer Roles and Sign Up as the head coach for your player’s proper division and click Continue. You will be reminded you are in charge of forming your own team. Click on YOUR NAME and click Continue. There you will be asked to complete a series of information, including creating a Team Name. Once this is completed, you will receive a team code.

If you need to ensure certain players are allocated to your team, please send an email to our master registrar, Angie Miller, at Info@BrooksideSoccer.org

To Invite Players or an Assistant Coach:

Go to your account and click on Volunteers on the left and select Volunteer Role – it will pull the correct division you are signed up to coach.
Then click:
isit Team Page
Manage Roster Invites

It will show you a pre-set message and option to input email addresses and send notifications/invites to players and assistant coaches.

One of the default features in the team registration is a maximum number of players allowed for that specific division. See that information below.

We will continue to accommodate individual registrants as “free agents”. If your roster maximum has been met, all players registering after that point will be considered a “free agent” and placed on other teams to ensure balanced rosters.

Blue Sombrero team registration 2

Blue Sombrero team registration